Non Woven Geo Bags

Non Woven Geo Bags

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We are a putative manufacturer and supplier of a large collection of superior-grade Non Woven Geo Bags to clients. The offered bags are massively utilized in river bank protection. Proposed Non Woven Geo Bags are acknowledged for their optimum quality and long life.

Filter fabric ensures easy filtration of water and at the same time blocks the soil particles from being washed away. For this, Geotextile bag or geobag, a geosynthetic product from polyester, polypropylene is used for protecting riverbanks and hydraulic structures from severe scouring and erosion. In compare to conventional erosion protection work using C.C block, hard rock etc. sand filled geobags require less installation and maintenance cost, light weight equipment, less space for construction works, transportation costs, less energy required.  The major advantages of Geobags are its availability and easier implementation. Geobags are readily available and transportable( when empty) and can be easily filled with local sand and formed with a range of sizes to fit specific application.

Types of Geobags:

  • Non woven geobags
  • Woven geobags

Advantages of  Geo Bags:

  • Good filtrations as the pore size are small but the permeability is high.
  • Protects the terrestrial habitat.
  • Good abrasive resistance.
  • Higher thickness which ensures good puncture resistance
  • Easily available
  • Implemented easily
  • Easy to transport when empty
  • Available in various sizes to fit specific applications.