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With many year of experience we are engaged in this service as manufacturer and supplier of Geotubes. These huge water tubes are used to make dyke to regain land, to defense beach erosion, dewater soil & sand and to create artificial island. Our clients can obtain this in numerous dimensions according to the area and volume. These are made from the polyester fiber or polypropylene as basic materials which are checked on various quality parameters to ensure leak proof tubes. Geotubes are available in market at market leading price.

Geotubes are made-up from a particularly engineered de-watering geo-textile of that has high tenacity monofilament yarns and polypropylene multifilament woven into a stabilized network. The woven geotextile is then sewed to make the Geo-tube dewatering instruments to the perimeter and length necessitated. Specialist filling ports are made into the container and all the joints are configured to bestow a strength that can meet expected pumping pressure levels.

Features :

  • High UV resistance
  • Proven technology
  • High seam strength to meet pumping pressures
  • Stack-able system
  • High flow rate for rapid dewatering

Application :

Geotube dewatering containers are provisioned to site and arranged into position. Precipitate that is activated with specialist polymers is pumped into the aforesaid containers and the clear out-flowing water is exhausted leaving the solid stuffs within the instrumentality. When the containers are, the materials can be disposed into the landfills and other solids can be abstracted and land-applied. This simple yet effective procedure makes the Geotube dewatering containers appropriate for the Pulp and Paper industries as these can perform primary and subsidiary lagoon clean out. These are also appropriate for the mining procedures so as to remove coal sludge, tailing and other minerals. Geotube dewatering containers are also suitable for water as well as waste-water treatment dewatering so as to give a diminution of up to 85% to 90% in BO. These are also applicable in agriculture sector and can expeditiously manage the waste of poultry, dairy and several other sectors listed below :

  • Municipal
  • Shoreline Protection & Marine Structures
  • Pulp & Paper Process
  • Oil Extraction
  • Power And Utilities
  • Mining And Mineral Processing
  • Marine Dewatering
  • Food & Beverage