Coir Geotextile

Coir Geotextile

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The Coir Geotextile offered by us is a products that helps to minimize soil erosion. They are environment friendly and are safe to use. These product are made up of high grade coir that is woven and are used in erosion control mats & coir logs that prevent sediment runoff. These Geo-Textiles are made under the guidance of technical expertise and skilled workers. Soil erosion has degraded nature’s resources that is a great threat The Coir Geotextile helps to rejuvenate & restore the degraded land.

Identification of Coir Geotextile for maintainable vegetation and disintegration control emerges from the way that it is an inexhaustible, sustainable normal asset with a to a great degree low decay rate and high quality. Coir is woven into thick materials which are connected like covers on the ground in disintegration inclined territories. Geotextiles produced using coir are tough, oppose daylight, ingest water, back up seed germination, and are 100% biodegradable. These covers have high quality maintenance and a moderate rate of corruption meaning they keep going for quite a while in field applications. This minimal effort Coir Geotextile require not be carefully evacuated because of its eco cordiality and bio-degradability. It breaks down leaving just humus and presently appreciates a popularity from nature cognizant countries over the world.

Application of Coir Geotextile:

  • Shoreline stabilization
  • Slope stabilization in railway cutting as well as embankments
  • Water course protection
  • Storm water channels